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AVLS Software

Davisco is a value added reseller for the Track Star AVLS Software system. Track Star represents a new standard for performance and value in the fleet management software industry. This application offers users a unique range of flexibility that allows the software to become an integral part of user operations instead of forcing methodology changes to conform to the software.

The AVLS system is a very scalable product that can support both large and small fleets equally well. Utilizing a new mapping engine, the AVLS software provides users with address level vehicle location data, as well as real-time notification of local speed limit violations. Newly added is the ability to augment the rich detail of the supplied map data with customer supplied ESRI Shapefiles and aerial imagery files. A powerful new tool allows the software to send speed violations, geofence violations and input notifications to others as emails and text messages.

The software has been designed to be extremely intuitive to control the cost of user training. A powerful range of permissions allow administrators to control which users can do and see within the application. Complete reporting capabilities and trip replay functions permit easy analysis of vehicle activity, vehicle and employee efficiency, and compliance with scheduling and routing directives.

The low cost of both ownership and operation provide a much faster 'Return on Investment' for users. Available as a complete stand-alone system, the Track Star AVLS provides users with flexibility, capability, sustainability and remarkable value.

Track Star AVLS Software is a fleet management tool that provides affordable yet powerful GPS based vehicle management capabilities to fleets of all sizes. Map data is updated on a quarterly basis to ensure current information is always at your disposal.

In addition, users receive regular updates to the application itself with new features and capabilities provided on a continual basis.

The AVLS system is easy to use and supports GPS devices from a variety of manufacturers including Sierra Wireless, Sixnet, CalAmp, Enfora and others. Devices range in price and function and include battery powered asset tracking devices, OBDII plug in devices, various hardwired tracking devices and data modems that support GPS tracking. This wide range of supported devices provides users with an unequalled choice of price points and performance characteristics to support any desired tracking application.