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Time and Attendance

State-of-the-Art Technology


  • Utilizes common Internet browsers
  • Thin client - no code installed on client PCs

Biometric Timekeeping Devices (optional)

  • Finger print identification increases system security
  • Reduces organizational risk of "buddy punching"

PC SoftClock (optional)

  • Operates on a networked PC
  • Ideal for low-density employee locations


  • Utilizes Java technologies

Server Platform

  • Hosted on redundant servers
  • Storage arrays with redundant fiber interconnections


  • Uses leading OLTP databases
  • Scales easily from hundreds to thousands of employees

* Extremely flexible, reliable, portable, and scalable.


Benefits of

  • Automate Time & Attendance Operations Improve Organizational Efficiencies Greater Payroll Accuracy
  • Enhance Workforce Control, Reduce Risk of FLSA Violations, Eliminate Paper
  • Streamline Information Retrieval Processes


  • Outsourcing saves your organization time, money, headaches, and minimizes training requirements.
  • Automate without capital investment.
  • Use a service that specializes in the application. Reduce the time required to bring the application "on line."

About Davisco

  • Over 35 years of experience in developing, implementing, and supporting customized time and attendance solutions
  • Builds long term business relationships
  • Extensive experience in meeting the needs of government agencies
  • Provides personalized customer service, support, and account management
  • 7x24 support is also available
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Why Automate Timekeeping?

Reduce Inaccurate Reporting

Inaccurate reporting costs your organization time and money.

  • Time reporting is difficult to control with manual systems.
  • Overpayments due to errors are rarely corrected Automated system features pre-approval for any worked overtime.
  • Real-time monitoring assists in reducing overtime.

The Cost of Payroll Errors

The American Payroll Association estimates that payroll errors cost organizations 1%-8% of their annual payroll.

Cost Savings

An automated system will generate savings. Analyses by qualified consultants have determined that savings generated versus a manual system are between 35% and 70%. *

Software as a Service (SaaS) alleviates the necessity to expend capital or fund such a project. The savings allows organizations to redirect funds toward other needy projects.

* Contact us for details of cost savings analysis.


Employee Advantages

  • Employees are responsible for their own time Employees can review time worked/reported
  • Employees review/approve/sign time cards before payroll processing
  • Job changes are reported by employees as they happen
  • Employees have access to current leave balances; Employees process leave requests.
  • Employees can access the status of requested leaves (approved and unapproved).

Supervisor Advantages

  • Real time monitoring of employees at any time
  • On line review/approval of completed time cards
  • Details on any incomplete employee time cards
  • Eliminates lost time cards
  • On line review/approval of leave requests
  • Eliminates unauthorized overtime

Payroll Advantages

  • Eliminates paper and lost time cards
  • Time cards are electronically signed by each employee attesting to data accuracy
  • Incomplete time cards cannot be processed/approved by supervision
  • Increased accuracy of time reported - Improved payroll computation accuracy
  • Eliminate storage/retrieval of paper transactions (time cards, etc.)
  • Approved leave time is automatically processed with time worked for complete payroll
  • Leave balances are automatically adjusted as leave time is accrued/used
  • Less time required to process payroll
  • Automated interface to accounting/payroll Compliance with FLSA rules

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides business, industry, school districts and government organizations with:

  • No Capital Outlay; Utility-based pricing
  • Full system services
  • Application Implementation Training
  • Timekeeping Devices
  • System Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Interfaces to HR/Payroll System

Employee Time, Attendance, and Leave System

  • Fully-automated time, leave, and job tracking soft- ware solution.
  • Web-based and completely paperless
  • Interfaces to HR/Finance/Payroll/Legacy systems.
  • Ideal for government organizations with complex time, leave, and payroll rules.


  • provides personalized account management.